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Commission Rewards

With your shared link, commissions will be calculated by all the products consumers buy(not only one product). for example, if you shared the hair dryer, the consumer visited the shop and buy the hair dryer, the GPS tag, holders, etc., you can get all the affiliate products commission. That’s really higher than one product.

We are making an offer for all the new products which you can get 10% commission.

Check how much you can get of every single product, on your “Product Link” Page, drop box> Prime Offer.

The Price, will be the final discounted price in the customer’s shopping cart. For example, someone bought 10 different items and gets a bulk discount of 20%, then the Reward will be == 0.8 * Price * rate

Note: One can’t get a commission through his own affiliate links.

Add Paypal / Bank transfer account.

Profile > Payout Details

Log into your affiliate dashboard, Find the “affiliate links” and “Product links”,

  • Affiliate Links: it’s generated based on the URL and the account charactors, In fact, you can generate this link based on any page, such as the product links mentioned below.
  • Product Links: it’s under the Marketing Tab. Click ” Copy Affiliate Link”, share it on any blog, website, social media such as facebook, linkedin, tuitter;
  • QR code: DownLoad the QR code, and post it on your social media, is another way to expand your links.

Copy the link, and past on your social midea. The Product Link shows in the social media will be more attractive to help your get more attention.

Affiliate Dashboard

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