Portable and powerful Jet Blower and Cleaner, Rechargeable Turbo Motor Fan, Black

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  • Max Speed 29m/s, Max Force = 302g; Infinitely variable speed setting.
  • Powerful and portable for cleaning dust on keyboards, models, camping equipment, water stains, and snow on the car
  • Blowing and suction all in one, equipped with a vacuum filter that can suck dust from gaps in windows and corners of the car.
  • 21700 4000mAh*2=8000mAh Batteries, Type-C port is compatible with the charger of 5V2A, and USB on computers and cars.


  1. This is a portable and powerful fan. Its motor is comparable to a Dyson hair dryer, with a speed of up to 110,000 rpm, a wind speed of up to 29m/s, and a wind force of up to 220g.
  2. It can be used for multiple purposes, dust removal, vacuuming, blowing, snow removal, wildfire lighting, fallen leaves in the yard, etc. Clean the dust on the keyboard, case, car, and dust inside.
  3. A variety of accessories are prepared, including a blower nozzle and a vacuum nozzle, to meet the above scenarios. 21700 high-power battery, 4000mAh*2, 8000mAh in total, the highest power can last for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Convenient to charge, an ordinary 5V2A charger can be used. Similarly, you can use a power bank, computer USB, or car USB port to charge.Blue light means charging, and red light means charging is complete.
  5. Notice: Because the product is not waterproof and contains batteries, please do not let children play with it. Keep away from hair to prevent hair from being sucked into the motor.
Max Speed 29m/s
Max Force 302g
Color ‎Black
Material Carbon fiber
Item Weight ‎253g
Product Dimensions 127*58*34mm
Power Source ‎21700*2Battery
Operation Mode Infinite speed setting
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 160*110*100mm
Package Weight ‎0.48 Kilograms
Warranty Description ‎1-Year
Model Name Jet Blower 3
Number of Items ‎1
Manufacturer ‎JOEESY
Included Components ‎1 Jet Blower 3 2 blowing nozzles 1 vacuum nozzle 1 brush head 1 charging cable 1 packaging case


Max Speed 62 m/s

Max Force = 960g

Dimensions: 255*115*75 mm

Max Speed 30 m/s

Max Force = 498 g

Dimensions: 148*60*39 mm

Max Speed 29 m/s

Max Force = 302 g

Dimensions: 127*58*34 mm


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